You’ll never guess where LeWeb 2012 winner Qunb is going NOW

You might remember the story we did on Qunb – before they got all famous  and won the LeWeb 2012 startup competition. Well, now they also got into TechStars Boston. According to a Skype chat we did with co-founder Jean-Baptiste Théard, the team applied in November for both the Boston and NYC programme, and got accepted after winning LeWeb.

CEO and co-founder Cyrille Vincey and the VP of marketing Mathieu Goudot will join the accelerator full time, while Jean-Baptiste Théard will do halftime (or, as he says “probably more 80/20″) and look after the clients in France.

Qunb hopes to find focus at TechStars, says Théard, and “find the right product/market fit.” Qunb is all about data and data visualisation, and is now billing itself as a ‘YouTube for numbers’ (previously this was ‘supermarket’ for numbers).

Qunb is the second French LeCamping startup to get accepted into TechStars Boston, after docTrackr. Pictarine was accepted into Exelerate Labs (now TechStars Chicago).

[via RudeBaguette, Techstars][Photo: Andrew-Hyde, Flickr (yes, I know it's from Boulder!)]

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