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Whiteboard offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and analysis with other European experts, for an international audience. Whiteboard traffic is 50/50 Europe and US/Asia/ME/…

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By submitting your content to Whiteboard, you make sure that your hard work is not just a cry in the dark. We get the traffic for you: this is our result for the first month of going live (we’ll update this frequently):
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Currently Whiteboard contributors are, among others:

Gonzalo Martin-Villa, CEO of Telefonica Digital‘s global startup accelerator Wayra

Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon, world authority on pricing and author of ‘Hidden Champions’

Pascal Eichenberger, President of the 2012 Tech Tour Cloud and Big Data Summit

Liesbeth Dillen, SheWorksWithWomen, formerly C-suite at IKEA Belgium

Thorsten Zenker, technical due diligence consultant for VC’s

Anna Maria Darmanin, European Economic and Social Committee

Marianne Mol, cross cultural coach at Munro

Pedro Gairifo Santosentrepreneur and author of ‘European Founders at Work’

Vlad Ciurca, project manager at Skobbler and organiser of Startup Weekend Cluj

Filip Tack, founder and CEO of Nomadesk (Red Herring Top 100, Fast 50 Deloitte)


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