Watch this 11 year old startup founder pitch like a pro at a Startup Weekend in Poland :)

How hot is the lean startup movement? So hot that 11 year olds now try to launch them.

Take this team from Startup Weekend Poznan: they’re two kids, aged 11 and 12, who had the idea for ‘Kidgifter’. He was also at a Startup Weekend in Cracow in January 2012, and learned to code in the mean time – taking a video course. If you had any doubt that online learning would change the world in the next years, here’s your proof.

11 year old startup founder: “Kids want perfect gifts, parents want cheap gifts”

The idea for his startup is enticing and simple: it’s a gift list for kids, curated by the kids. They can then send it to their parents, who can pick and choose which gifts the kid deserves.

If we heard it correctly, there was an element of Kickstarter involved too – namely: if parents don’t have enough money to buy the gifts, they can ask other to chip in (excellent idea). But there was also a big data slash business intelligence model in there: our two young entrepreneurs thought it might be a good idea to send the list to the shops and toy makers, who will then have a better idea to procure toys for the holiday season. I think that’s not too crappy at all, as a business idea.

In their pitch, they show that they have a pretty astute view of the whole gift situation: “Kids want perfect gifts, parents want cheap gifts, and shops want to know what to buy.” And you have to LOVE their slogan: “If you’re not a parent now, you will be”.

Adelina Peltea has more on her blog:

Krystian Gontarek and Dominik Korajczyk were not at their first Startup Weekend experience. They participated in January 2012 at Startup Weekend Krakow with another project. In the meantime, they developed their coding skills and business understanding.

Krystian’s father (Kris Gontarek – co-founder at Dziennik Internautów) plays an important role: he was the one to inspire and help him develop. However, it is nothing but his own choice and passion. The challenge for his father now is just to make him focus and deliver projects completely, not just always start something new.

11 year old startup founder

Hacking the night away with the team :)

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via Whiteboard contributor Francis Dierick and Adelina Peltea

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Feature image by Marta Kubacka, other photo by Adelina Peltea

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