Want funding? Share your Google Analytics, says VC. “You’ll have an answer in a week”

Our colleagues at ArcticStartup recently did an event with some VC’s working in the Nordics.

The panelists were VC’s like Aman Ghei of Accel partners (Invested in RovioSupercell, Facebook), Johan Brenner of Creandum (Spotify, iZettle), Vitaly Rubstein from Rubylight (Ask.fm). The discussion was hosted by Dmitri Sarle from Arctic Startup.

One important lesson from the panel discussion is this one, I think: if you want to convince a VC, nothing talks louder than hard, objective facts about your growth and userbase. Or as Vitaly Rubstein puts it:

“Share Google Analytics with me and in less than a week you will have an answer. In another week you will have the investment”

And the VC’s also gave some insights in what they consider to be the cardinal sins of VC pitching:

  • Long Powerpoint Presentations
  • Talking about things not related to the product
  • Overcomplicating what they are trying to do
  • Not giving investor credit for what they know
  • Secretive behavior

Apparently, they also shared stories about the life of a VC is: there’s the pressure of missing out on the Next Big Thing, the difficulty of saying “no” all the time to entrepreneurs, and the hardships of constant travel:

via ArcticStartup 

Would you show your Google Analytics to a possible investor? Let us  know!

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