Trendsboard raises € 500k to bring realtime trending to journalists

French startup Trendsboard just raised € 500 000 from Belgian business angels for its realtime social analytics tool aimed at content marketers and media.

The problem Trendsboard tackles is this: there’s more an more content produced, at ever faster speeds. For journalists and editors who want to stay ahead of the conversation, it’s important to know not what is trending right now, but what will become hot in an hour or two.

Trendsboard tries to find out by observing which (French) media stories are being shared on social media, and how fast they’re spreading. Trendsboard also tracks the tone of the conversations (great for columnists). It’s possible to see what is shared most often in the last hour, three hours, twelve hours, etcetera.

Founder Benoît Raphaël says the financing will be used to bring Trendsboard to the US market, where it will have to compete with already well established Spike. Spike offers the same solution, and is already used (with some skill, I should add) by viral hype machine BuzzFeed. I also noticed an endorsement from TheNextWeb on the Spike homepage too.  Like Trendsboard, Spike analyses social conversations, sharing trends, and offers editors a window into the competitor’s newsrooms. It also looks a bit more polished.

I wonder if Trendsboard is making a smart move by trying to compete with an established player like Spike on its home turf. Spike is a very polished product already, and it has the early adopters locked up in the US.

From a short test drive, it became apparent that Spike isn’t very present in European markets – some of which, like the German, Polish and Russian market, might be just juicy enough for Trendsboard to target. Deezer did alright for itself by pursuing the non-US markets.

You can see a video about Trendsboard here (in French only, that’s something they’ll have to work):

UPDATE: here’s founder Benoît Raphael:

[via Frenchweb][photo jarapet, Flickr]

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