Dance festivals: Tomorrowland turns down a bid for 100 million dollar

Tomorrowland dance festival, a concept of the Amsterdam based event organiser ID&T, is one of the dance festivals that are trying to innovate the good old Woodstock formula of dust, a multitude bodies in need of a shower and bad food.

Innovation in dance festivals

Tomorrowland has been around since 2005 and we’ve heard it described as a ‘Disneyland for dance fans’, with elaborate fairy tale decors, gastronomical food and above all: excellent service. Tomorrowland won the 2012 DJ Award for best international dance festival and drew 180 000 visitors to Boom (Antwerp) for its last edition.

Pretty impressive, and it turns out that the organizers of Tomorrowland are also quite the entrepreneurs: ID&T-founder Duncan Stutterheim confirmed today that they had turned down a 100 million dollar offer (77 million €) for the company:

‘We used to joke to each that we would sell the company for a hundred – a hundred thousand guilders (50 000 €),” he said. “Then, a few months ago, suddenly someone from America wanted to give us a hundred. A hundred million dollars. The choice was very difficult. But we didn’t do it. I think that this company can continue for another twenty years, that we may go into the world.”

That’s a gutsy ‘Zuck’ move, and we’re rooting for ID&T to take Tomorrowland all the way. We’re reaching out to Duncan Stutterheim for a longer interview about rocking the festival world and growing a world class events brand. (Any help greatly appreciated.)

via De Tijd and Inthemix: ID&T turn down $100 million.

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