Tomaz Stolfa resigns as CEO of Slovenian Skype rival

As an update to our story on the Slovenian startup scene, Tomaz Stolfa just announced on his blog that he resigned as the CEO of Skype rival

As some of you might already know I recently resigned as CEO of and have left the company on February 1st, 2013.

After two incredible years, with a great team, working on making communication better I believe will benefit from a change at the helm. I’m certain will do great and wish the new team all the best.

I’d like to sincerely thank all of those who supported and me since its inception. Users, customers, partners, bloggers, friends and investors. Unfortunately, you are too many to list by name.

While made tremendous strides in its effort to improve the ways we communicate, there’s still a massive amount of room for innovation. Exploring how to make communications better through innovative technology and new visual interfaces is my passion. Once I recharge my batteries you’ll hear more from me on this front. Stay tuned.

In a blog post dated February 1, 2013 (the day Stolfa says he left, Zemanta VP of Engineering Dusan Omercevic wrote that rumors in Ljubljana said Stolfa was in a conflict with his shareholders:

“[Rumors have it that] is fighting for survival and it might very well be already too late for it.

What we should learn out of experience, though, is the importance of ownership structure in a success of a start-up. If my information is correct the pair of angel investors in hold such a large stake in it that they should in reality be treated as founders while Tomaž was in essence just a hired gun.

The situation was further amplified by the fact that was their only investment and consequently they didn’t have any tool to mitigate the risk of loosing all their money by spreading risk over a portfolio of investment. [Source]

We asked Tomaz for a reaction via Twitter; here’s what he answered:

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