This IS your grandmama’s phone: Bazile Telecom raises € 2,5 million

06 Mar, 2013

With all the moaning about the busy telecom landscape in Europe, you would think there’s no more room for new players, but it turns out there is. Niche player Bazile Telecom just raised € 2,5 million from Citizen Capital and existing investors.

It’s the third round of financing for Bazile, after an initial investment by business angels and a 3,7 Series A round in 2010 with Alto Invest and Maxicap. Bazile was founded in 2005 and has some 10 000 subscribers, 800 distributors and a turnover of about € 2 million per year.

Bazile is a virtual mobile operator, but it also sells devices for seniors: phones with big buttons, easy to read displays and strong loudspeakers. Its ‘Bazile prestige’ is literally a one button phone. You just press the button and you get an operator on the line, who will connect you to the person you want to speak to (Bazile compiles a contact list when they sign the contract).

Putting the phone down automatically switches on the speaker:

Of course, the price reflects the service: for a 20 minute per month subscription, you pay € 21 (plus € 60 for the phone). That’s almost € 1 per minute.

Bazile is somewhere between monitoring, concierge services and mobile, in a growing market that a lot of  traditional telecom players are also looking at (just like alarm systems and remote patient monitoring). Bazile CEO Yves Morel hopes to reach about 50 000 customers 4 years from now.

[Mario Mancuso, Flickr]

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