This 16 year-old kid is putting your online marketing to shame

This surfed by on my Twitter timeline: 16 year-old Marek Dlugos from Slovakia is looking for a host family in the USA so he study in California for a year. On his webpage, he does a very convincing job of introducing himself and his motivation for studying abroad.

His page is extremely focused and convincing – in fact it’s a perfect marketing funnel.

Marek starts with a great video teaser set to a catchy tune:

He follows up with a short, clear but compelling answer to the question why he wants to find a host family (as Simon Sinek says, focusing on the “why” is important if you want to convince people to believe in your ideas):

Slovakia is a modern country, but our education is not the best one, teaching us a lot of theory and full of memorizing. So, this is the reason why I am looking for better education, new experience. I also want to improve my English and I believe that I will meet new people, new culture and discover American life.

Note how he subtly but expertly dispells fears that he’s some kind of hick in the first sentence: “Slovakia is a modern country”. Next, he talks about himself as a person (loves computers, basketball, travel). He even thought to include a testimonial from his teacher (the guy is 16!).

Then, it explains the process of adopting him for a year as a host family – complete with friendly imagery. And it ends with a strong call to action: 

While he says “don’t decide now”, he really means “don’t immediately say no – write me first”. Of course, once you’re mailing with him, you know he’s going to convince you. Hackernews already fell in love with the guy:

You can visit his webpage here.


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