The European “single telecom market”: Neelie Kroes enters the debate

EU digital chief and vice president of the European Commission Neelie Kroes just entered the debate about the European “single telecom market”.

Last week, the FT reported that the European telecoms were talking about creating a single European telecom network.

The plan would be to pool all the networks of the national players into one, huge supranational player. This would make it easier to find money to invest in new technology (4G, optic fiber). In exchange for pooling their network infrastructure, the national telecoms would participate in the European network.

European competition chief Almunia was said to approve of the talks.

The European telecoms reacted to the news by saying that they weren’t necessarily interested in creating a big player, but that they wanted Europe to create conditions to make consolidation in the industry easier.

With over a 100 telecoms in Europe, the telecom industry feels that the market is too crowded compared to the American and Chinese markets, where three or four big players dominate the market.

Yesterday, European Commissioner and ‘digital chief’ for the EU Neelie Kroes said that she was working on a range of measures to

‘create common and stable conditions across the EU for telecoms competition, investment and growth, which should also make cross-border consolidation more attractive.’

She seems to be saying that Europe is willing to listen to the telecoms about making consolidation in Europe easier. (If you know more, please let us know).

Kroes said that over the next year, the Commission will give ‘guidance’ on how the European market can share networks, including pooling of infrastructure, and allowing the telecoms easier access to sewarge ducts and train tracks .

Via FT.

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