Telecom: “European dinosaur telco’s don’t realise they’re already dead” (Vint Cerf, Google)

The association of European telecoms (ETNO), which brings together ‘historical’ European telco players like France Telecom, Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom want YouTube and other big traffic sites to pay them for the traffic they cause. They will defend this position the next 11 days at a U.N. International Telecommunications Union conference in Dubai, a historical convention of all the big players in the digital field about internet regulation and net neutrality. The UN wants to update its rules about telecommunication – rules that haven’t been updated since 1988 – long before the web was the major factor that it is today.

The American telecoms, on the other hand, are not convinced that the European proposal is a good idea, however, and the European Parliament has also declared itself not to be a believer in a model where sites like Facebook or Google would pay the telco’s. Last week, it voted a resolution saying that such a measure would “hurt the open and competitive nature of the web and would increase prices, hindering innovation and limiting access” to the internet.

Vint Cerf (one of the fathers of the internet who works at Google nowadays) declared to Reuters that the proposition of the European telecoms showed only that “the dinosaurs with their pea sized brains haven’t realised yet that they’re already extinct”. Should become interesting to follow.

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via A Dubaï, les opérateurs européens défendent l’idée de faire payer les géants du Web, Actualités.

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