“Startup founders literally have no idea why things take off and they have no idea why they win”

Someone at Hackernews was clearly fed up with all the startup events where founders give advice and posted this magnificent rant:

“…honestly – startup founders literally have no idea why things take off and they have no idea why they win. That’s why they have to keep pivoting – it increases their luck surface area and their ability to gain traction – after which they simply must hold on tight while surfing the wave.

Be alive. Be male. Be young. Don’t have health issues. Be born in America or move there. Enter the cycle after a recession. Speak English. Enter a growing/new field where the level of competition is low and so is the sophistication of your competition. Surf cost trends down from expensive to mass consumer markets. Work bottom up – on small things. Be of above average intelligence. Have family support. Have a college degree.

Oh and most importantly of all: Get fucking lucky.”

Read the entire rant here: http://news.ycombinator.org/item?id=4685928

Via @joehas

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