Spain risks losing voting rights at CERN after cutting tech and science spending

24 Jan, 2013

Why is Spain struggling with its economy? According to Whiteboard contributor Hermann Simon, it’s just not innovative enough. Now it seems like the country is cutting back on science and technology spending – at a time when it should probably increase its investments in knowledge.

The FT reported a few days ago that Spain risks losing its voting rights at CERN, after racking up 50 million euros in debt. Recently, Spain agreed to pay 25 per cent of its contributions to CERN for 2012, or 25 million of the € 74 million it owes.S

If Spain doesn’t pay its contributions for two years in a row, it would have its voting rights suspended.

In case you wonder how these things go, it seems that in general countries actually pay their CERN contributions in a timely manner (for some reason this surprised me). Spain and CERN are reportedly working on a payment plan now.

Spain’s secretary of state for research said through a spokesperson that Spain was “committed” to staying in CERN and making efforts to find a solution.

Via FT

Photo: a picture at CERN warns for loss of oxygen, Arenamontanus, Flickr

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