Social gaming founder liquidates her studio: “The market is tough”

French entrepreneur Nadya Jahan announced on her blog that her company Mandala Games, specialised in social casino games, was liquidated (from her blog it doesn’t look like she went bankrupt, like I saw reported elsewhere, but rather she decided to liquidate the company before it went bankrupt).

She says a partnership with gaming publishers 6waves didn’t bring the expected results and would have driven the company into losses, which she wanted to prevent.

She adds that her company wasn’t the only gaming company which is struggling at the moment (it’s also what led Russian mobile studio Drimmi to throw the towel recently). In her very personal and poignant blog post, she writes:

“the market [for social games] has become very tough. Many of the social gaming companies are having difficulties. Like them, we didn’t have the cash to proceed. Out of respect for our employees and the people who helped me, I prefer to stop right here.”

“I started my company after discovering the startup scene in San Francisco. There, I learned from other entrepreneurs that failing is also a way of learning. But I still believe in the game and I stay an entrepreneur in my soul. Mandala will always be my first company, my baby.”

Good luck to Nadya with her other ventures.

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