Skype rival Rebtel is “considering an IPO” if it hits targets

Swedish Skype rival Rebtel could go for an IPO in the next two to three years if it meets its growth targets, CEO Andreas Bernstrom said to Reuters.

Rebtel was founded by Hjalmar Winbladh (you might know him from that other growth miracle Wrapp) and Jonas Lindroth, who are still majority shareholders in Rebtel.

Rebtel only did one financing round, according to CrunchBase, a Series A round in 2006 for $ 20 million. It has been profitable since 2010.

Today, it has about 20 million users (Skype’s has 145 million), for revenue of $ 80 million in 2012. Bernstrom expects revenue to increase to $ 100 million (2013) and between 150 and 200 million dollars in a year or two.

If Rebtel makes those targets and hits about 50 million users, Bernstrom thinks an IPO is ‘certainly an option’.

Bernstrom also outlined the three strategies for growth:

  1. a calling feature for online poker and dating apps so that internet daters can “share more than e-mails and pictures” (OMG sexting!)
  2. money transfer (Western Union style)
  3. a standalone app that allows travelers to avoid roaming charges
[Yahoo! Finance]

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