‘Signal’, a new feature to connect with the Whiteboard community

The goal of Whiteboard is to connect entrepreneurs, technologists, experts and innovators across Europe. One way to do that is to just raise awareness about entrepreneurs, experts, thinkers and companies by writing about them.

Another is by connecting them. Our new feature ‘signal‘ wants to do both. One of the unfortunate idiosyncracies of Europe is that European news only crosses the border when it passes a common denominator: English.

But the tools of today allow us to provide each other with important stories without relying on media to translate the interesting stories from your country to English. We can do it ourselves. ‘Signal’ is a crowdsourcing tool that allows you to post interesting links from around the web on Whiteboard.

It works very much like HackerNews or Reddit or hackful.eu (where we got the code from – thanks, guys!), with one important difference: it’s also possible to add an English language summary to non-English stories. Basically, there are three ways you can post to Signal:

1. A link with a summary

If you’re posting a story from Les Echos, say, just add a short English summary that makes it clear why the story is important to Whiteboard’s audience. People who click on your link will be taken to the summary first.  If they click on the title again, they will be taken to the original story in ‘Les Echos’.

2. A link without a summary

For English language stories that don’t need a summary, it works just like HN or Reddit, if you click on the title, you are taken immediately to the original source.

3. A question (“ask SW”)

Since there’s no link, clicking on the title will take you to the question. I heard from European entrepreneurs that one thing that they would find useful is a place to ask their fellow entrepreneurs questions about running a business. That’s what the questions are for. If your question is interesting, I will call some experts all over Europe and answer it myself :)

“Okay, I’m ready to start posting links, take me to this signal thing!”

If you have any problems using the service, please let me know in the comments.

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About the author

Raf Weverbergh

Editor of whiteboard. Raf Weverbergh was a magazine journalist whose work appeared in magazines like Rolling Stone, Playboy, Mail on Sunday, Publico and South China Morning Post. He is the co-founder of FINN, a corporate communications agency where he advises startups and multinationals on their PR and Mustr, the easiest media database for PR professionals. You can contact him on Twitter, Linkedin or Skype (rafweverbergh).

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