Samsung wins the 2012 smartphone race before Apple and Huawei

04 Jan, 2013

Mobile expert Tomi Ahonen (@tomiahonen) just blogged that he has the full year market share rankings for smartphone market share.

It shows a clear win for Samsung (32 % market share), coming in before Apple (20 %) and Huawei (8 %).

Warning: Ahonen says that while these rankings show the final relative ranking, this doesn’t mean that he has all the numbers on market share or units sold – the Q4 results aren’t in yet.

So he’s fairly confident that the number 1 to 3 positions are right, but for the exact number of units sold and exact market share in 2012 will have to wait a bit.


1 Samsung

220M – 235M units

about 32% market share

2 Apple

140M – 150M units

about 20% market share

3 Huawei

55M – 60M units about 8% market share

The 4th place will go to either Sony, ZTE, Nokia or RIM (about 5 % each, Ahonen estimates). Others in Top 10 for the year are HTC, LG and Lenovo (about 4% each). Motorola has fallen out of the top 10 in global smartphone makers for the full year


1 Android

465M – 485M

about 66% market share

2 iOS

140M – 150M

about 20% market share

3 Blackberry


about 5% market share

The 4th will be race between Samsung’s bada and Nokia’s Symbian (about 3% either). Windows Phone is definitely going to be ranked 6th operating system by sales in 2012 (about 2%)

Nokia: Symbian still outsells Windows Phone

Ahonen notes that Symbian, which was abandoned as an operating system by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, is still outselling Windows Phone:

Now, almost two years later, Symbian has tumbled losing 9 out of every 10 customers it had, and even for this year, Symbian still outsold all of Windows Phone, even after those highly-hyped Lumia smartphones released by Nokia all through this year.

What does the highly-promised ‘third ecosystem’ Windows Phone do today, after all those Nokia sacrifices? It will end the year with about 2% market share!! Yes, with full Nokia’s sales power behind it, massacre’ing 29% of Nokia’s Symbian market share, Elop has not moved the Windows Phone market share needle even by one percent!!!

Windows Phone had 2% market share in Q4 of 2010, exactly two years ago, before this partnership was announced and now we know for a fact, Windows Phone will end with 2% for this full year market share after Nokia is fully oboard.

Pathetic! Yeah. Dumbest management move of all time, no doubt. Why is Elop allowed to run the company? He is the most incompetent CEO of all time.

via Communities Dominate Brands: First Look into Final 2012 full year market shares for smartphones and OS wars, the Top 3 are settled on both.

(photo: Samsung booth at IFA, Robert Scoble)

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