Revealed: why Google pays France Telecom millions to use its networks

It turns out that you can negotiate with Google successfully to make it pay a few millions for the amount of traffic the search giant sends over your pipes.

france telecom telenetGoogle apparently pays France Telecom an undisclosed amount for the traffic that it causes on the network(s) of France Telecom. The amount is “considerable”, said France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard (photo) to BFM Business, but “not necessarily in the hundreds of millions”, he added.

It’s not clear whether Google pays only for the mobile traffic – 01net quotes Stéphane Richard as saying “nos réseaux”, which means “our networks”, plural.

About 50 percent the traffic on France Telecoms networks is Google traffic, Richard said.

How did they manage to get Google to fork over cash?

It’s a matter of ‘a global balance of powers’, Richard explained, which is also “why it’s so important to have a global footprint. There are areas in the world where Google needs us. They can’t say: we need you in Africa, but go to hell in Europe.”

It’s interesting to contrast this approach to what Free recently did when it unilaterally added an adblocker to its DSL modem via a firmware update.

A few weeks ago, Google also announced that it had settled with Belgian publishers, for an amount that Le Monde estimated at € 5 million.

via 01net , photo: Nick@, Flickr

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