P2P ride sharing shifts gears: BlaBlaCar goes to Benelux, Portugal & Poland

23 Oct, 2012

Ride sharing marketplace BlaBlaCar announced that they are rolling out their P2P ride-sharing model in five new countries: Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg), Portugal & Poland. In Poland, BlaBlacar will partner with Superdojazd, a local car sharing network that was just about to launch. BlaBlaCar Poland being run by Superdojazd founder Piotr Jás. BlaBlaCar now boasts more than 2.4 million members in Europe. 

In Belgium, BlaBlaCar will have to go up against a player who have been promoting this model for decades: TaxiStop, who also partner with car sharing initiative Cambio. TaxiStop have their brand name working for them, although BlaBlaCar obviously succeeded well in creating a very attractive brand. Also, BlaBlaCar offers added value by allowing passengers to rate drivers, and by helping the drivers set the pricing for their empty seats based on demand.

This is obviously a market where only one or two players will be left standing, because of the scale needed to keep a service like this interesting, and BlaBlaCar still has its work cut out for it. Searching for a ride between Krakow and Berlin yielded only two results – one of them in January. Although that ride ride IS a lot cheaper than taking a taxi ;)

BlaBlaCar: how the P2P ride sharing model works

Basically, BlaBlaCar matches drivers and empty seats with paying passengers. You can watch a more detailed explanation here:

Photo: OuiShare, BlaBlaCar

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