Nokia’s mapping tech will be in 90% of all cars WORLDWIDE next year!

06 Oct, 2012

The news we’re getting about Nokia is really confusing: on the one hand, we hear news about Nokia planning to sell off Nokia House. On the other hand, Nokia’s mapping business seems to be thriving. Seeking Alpha made this interesting list about the company’s latest business partnerships:

Nokia’s latest business partners are Oracle (ORCL), BMW (BAMXY.PK), Mercedes (DDAIF.PK), Garmin (GRMN) and Hyundai (HYMLF.PK). Nokia’s mapping technology will come in 80-90% of all cars produced globally starting next year. This is an exciting opportunity for the company.

via Selling Home: Is Nokia Getting Really Desperate? – Seeking Alpha.

Reader @ljosmyndun suggested this has to do with the fact that Nokia acquired Navteq and Gate5.


An interview with head of location services at Nokia Michael Halbherr clearly indicates that Nokia hopes that maps will have a significant impact on their bottom line:

Nokia and Google both have advantages to cement their leadership in maps. While Google’s Android is the most popular smartphone operating system, Nokia is the No. 1 seller of cheaper phones in many emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. Nokia sold 83.7 million mobile devices in the second quarter.

Nokia’s location services are adding users each day and the number of daily transactions for its map products will jump to billions in the next 24 months from tens of millions last year, Halbherr said.

“Our clear goal is to become the leading location cloud company, with more transactions against location requests than any other player in the market,” he said.

via Nokia pokes at Apple maps errors to seek navigation sales |

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