Mikko Järvenpää: “What do startups EXPECT from startup accelerators, and what do accelerators actually DELIVER?” [infographic]

Last week, we published an interview with Mikko Järvenpää about his book ‘Speed up your Startup’. Today, he released this infographic with the results from his survey among startups.

The interface looks nice but might be a bit confusing – you can actually SWITCH between the responses given by accelerator startups and non-accelerator startups by clicking on the radio button next to the word “Accelerator startups”. 

“Founders who went to a startup accelerator rate the network value lower than non-accelerated startups”

As Mikko already pointed out in his interview, one of the striking discrepancies surfaces in the question about industry contacts. Startups who are not (yet) in an accelerator expect a lot of value in terms of industry contacts and network. Startups who went through an accelerator actually rate the value a lot lower.

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