Janssen Labs adds more “coworking lab space” for life sciences startups

07 Feb, 2013

A year ago, Johnson & Johnson opened an innovation center for life science startups in San Diego – under the brand name ‘Janssen Labs’. The lab is named after Belgian pharmaceutical pioneer Paul Janssen, who started a lab with less than € 1500 and built a global pharmaceutical company on that, which was later sold to Johnson & Johnson.

Apparently the coworking labs are so successful that they’re now expanding thim: from space for 18 companies to 30.

The Janssen Labs‘ “concept lab” is a coworking lab space that gives entrepreneurs access to a lab without having to buy one themselves. The labs have an open collaboration space to encourage interaction between life science startups.

The Janssen Lab is not an accelerator or incubator, so entrepreneurs don’t have to give up equity to use the labs. (On the other hand, working from the labs doesn’t guarantee future funding from Johnson & Johnson either):

Through this “no strings attached” model, JRD does not take an equity stake in the companies occupying Janssen Labs and the companies are free to develop products – either on their own, or by initiating a separate external partnership with JRD or any other company.

Janssen Labs is looking for “high-potential companies from diverse healthcare sectors including biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instrumentation and diagnostics”. Companies have to meet these criteria to be selected:

  • Compelling and credible science and/or technology
  • Area of significant medical or market need
  • Demonstrate financial solvency

Cross pollination between the corporate and the startup world – whether through corporate accelerators, venturing or open innovation like Janssen Labs – is fast becoming the trend that defines 2013.

via MedCity

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