Is Marissa Mayer paying a HUGE premium for Dailymotion?

19 Mar, 2013

According to the WSJ, Yahoo is talking to Orange about buying a majority stake in Dailymotion (up to 75 percent). It would be Marissa Mayer’s first major acquisition, and obviously it would be aimed straight at Google’s YouTube.

According to most observers, such a deal would be a win for Yahoo, which doesn’t have a strong video property – as well as for Dailymotion, which has been looking for a big US partner in order to become a real rival to Google’s YouTube.

Incidentally, if the WSJ is to be believed, Orange will make a killing flipping Dailymotion. TNW writes:

Yahoo is reportedly in talks to acquire up to 75 percent of the video social network DailyMotion. According to the Wall Street Journal, in what could be Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s first major purchase since she took control, the search engine company is considering such a deal that sources say could be valued at around $300 million.

According to Journal du Net, Orange had an option to buy the 51 % shares in Dailymotion that it didn’t own yet at a valuation that couldn’t exceed € 141 million by the spring of 2013. In January, Orange lifted that option and became 100 percent owner of Dailymotion. That means the company was worth at the most € 141 million at the end of January.

But JDN reported that the ceiling of € 141 million wasn’t even reached, and that Dailymotion was valued at about € 100 million when Orange executed its option.

So if Yahoo is really valuing Dailymotion at $ 300 million (€ 233 million) today, that means that Dailymotion’s value more than doubled in value in less than two months. That’s a nice quick win for Orange.

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