Huge: Kiosked can now automatically turn any visual content into a webshop

Helsinki-based Kiosked is a startup that you’ll be hearing from in 2013. Today, it announced a new solution that allows publishers to automatically make money from all the (visual) content that they put on their site.

How it works: publishers write articles and illustrate them with images or video. Based on the keywords in the articles, Kiosked automatically adds tags to the images and video.

To match interesting products to images, Kiosked developed its own algorithms, but it also announced today that it would work with Getty Images PicScout ImageIRC platform.

Readers can then click the Kiosked tags in the images or video and be offered products. The publishers receive a commission for clicks and sales.

In a word, Kiosked can automatically turn any visual content into a webshop: 

As the company says, objective, editorial content is one of the main drivers that makes people decide to buy things, so it makes sense to offer consumers buying choices without forcing them to leave the page with the content that made them want to buy in the first place.

Kiosked is basically turning every publisher into a webshop. I’m not sure how the revenue from Kiosked for publishers relates to, say, Google Adsense.

It looks like Kiosked is all set for great things: they have a great product and an  experienced team – CEO Micke Paqvalén sold his previous startup to Oracle. Kiosked is also very well funded. The company recently won the ‘Best Funded Startup’ in the Nordic Startup Awards. One of their main investors is Rovio chairman Kaj Hed, who was the lead investor in a $ 5,75 million financing round in June 2012.

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