How to transfer your playlists between Spotify and Deezer

With the competition in the music streaming industry heating up, it’s inevitable that more people are going to start switching services to profit from marketing actions (see Rdio this morning, which now offers 6 months of free music streaming – with no ads!).

But what about those playlists you leave behind, the ones you spent hours curating? There’s a few websites that allow you to export your playlist from one service to the other.

Spotizr: Spotify to Deezer

Spotizr (beta) is dead easy: just go to the webpage and copy paste the URL of your playlist into the field (you can’t miss it, it’s the only one). One nitpick: Deezer caps lists at 400 songs while Spotify does not. Which means that your Spotify lists longer than 400 songs will get truncated. According to the Spotizr developer, he could do a thing that creates two list, but “I have no time for that.” (Hey, it’s free).

UseSpotify: Deezer to Spotify

This one is only available in French for now. Here too, you can extract the list using the URL of the Deezer playlist (it can be found by going to the playlist and press “share” – you should see the URL of the playlist at the top now). But using the URL doesn’t work flawlessly (it gave us a warning that “this list doesn’t seem to exist”). Using the ID number of the Deezer list works better.

If you know any others, let us know!

via T-zine, photo: subgrafik, Flickr

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