Gruner Jahr has € 100 M for digital shopping, courts ‘Huffington Post’

13 Feb, 2013

All the European publishers seem to be shopping for digital properties or funding new startups that can help them transition from paper to digital: it must be a great time to be in the classifieds and mobile ad business in Europe.

Today, Abendblatt reports that Gruner Jahr (the publisher of Stern and Geo and former editor of ‘Financial Times Deutschland’ which it recently shuttered) has a € 100 million shopping budget for digital acquisitions. With the help of these acquisitions, G+J hopes to bring digital revenue to some € 200 million per year in the coming years.

Gruner Jahr is reportedly also talking to Huffington Post about German edition of the online news aggregator.

Compared to competitors like Burda – which did about 940 million in digital revenue last year, Gruner Jahr isn’t very active in digital yet.

Unlike Burda, Gruner Jahr says it’s not interested in buying e-commerces. It prefers to stay in the content business, althought it seems to interpret ‘content’ rather broadly – Gruner Jarh already owns an online platform for seniors ( and youth (, an online recipe platform ( and a performance marketing provider (

[via deutsche-startups, Abendblatt, Manager Magazin][photo: Flickr, fanglan]

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