Good news for Nokia: 54% of Windows Phone 8 users “very satisfied” [chart]

16 Jan, 2013

We wrote earlier that users hate Windows Phone – based on research that was conducted in May 2012, so before the release of Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s Lumia 920. Repurchase intentions for Windows Phone were very low. This is the chart we showed then:

New research by ChangeWave shows that Windows Phone 8 might better received by the market than Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8 is now better liked by consumers than Android: 54 % of the consumers reported that they were “very satisfied” with their WP 8 operating system, versus 48 % for Android.  Apple’s iOS is still the clear winner in terms of customer satisfaction, however:

windows phone 8

The research further shows that Samsung will likely reign the first quarter of 2013. Anticipated demand for Samsung smartphones in the next 90 days jumped from 13% to 21% in December 2012. That’s huge: an increase of 8 percentage points is “unprecedented” in the history of the survey, Changewave notes.

For Apple, the news is less good: while the release of the iPhone 5 initally boosted the expected demand, now it’s back to the level of June 2012. Before, the demand for iPhones also rose with new releases, but always managed to find a new, higher floor.


Source: Changewave via TechCrunch


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