GEMA reacts: “We didn’t take down Kim Dotcom’s video from YouTube”

We reached out to GEMA, the German society that is responsible for collecting royalties for musicians and composers, to ask about the claims by Kim Dotcom that GEMA had taken down his MEGA launch video.

If you haven’t been following, Kim Dotcom claimed on Twitter that  GEMA had filed a copyrights violation complaint with YouTube to have a video of his taken down.


This is the answer we received by e-mail from Katharina Reindlmeier, PR manager for GEMA:

GEMA is not responsible for blocking any videos containing other works of music on YouTube apart from those involved in the legal proceedings.

A video can be blocked on YouTube for numerous reasons. GEMA also understands that YouTube blocks individual videos at will and without specific cause.

For further information please find attached our FAQs and visit

The videos that she mentions (“those involved in the legal proceedings”) are the 12 “temporarily uploaded music videos” that GEMA sued YouTube over in 2010.  GEMA wanted to force YouTube to install filters to keep copyrighted material off YouTube, and it won the case. A German judge ordered that Google had to install filters to prevent prevent users from uploading content from artists whose rights GEMA holds.

So it appears that Kim Dotcom’s video might have been taken down, but not by GEMA.

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