Gadget: the new generation of headphones is a “jawphone”

Your average earbuds make it impossible to orient yourself, because well, there’s something in your ear.

Panasonic revealed a somewhat weirdly looking headphone at the Consumer Electronics Show that works with jaw conducting technology – as in: it conducts the sound through your jawbone. Nothing goes in your ears, so you can still hear everything around you.

It’s good news for joggers, who want to stay aware of the traffic around them while enjoying their music. And it’s good news for everyone who ever forgot that they were wearing headphones and experienced the “ouch” moment of having their earbuds yanked out of their ears.

The plugs go against your temples, and the music is conducted through your skull bones to your auditory nerve.

The earphones are powered by a single AAA battery, but Panasonic told Engadget that they might work on a rechargeable solution by the time the headphones go on sale (fall 2013).

According to Engadget, the phones actually work, but with all the noise on the CES floor, they couldn’t tell how well they worked.


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