Binders full of VC money: Smarchive goes from crowdfunding to 7 figure VC backing

Here’s the stuff that dreams are made of for crowdfunding platforms: German startup Smarchive was pitching its services on Seedmatch only last year. This week, they announced 7 figure financing by T-Ventures, Check24 and several business angels like Birgit Ströbel, cofounder of Germany’s biggest real estate platform Immobilienscout24.

Smarchive was founded in december 2011 by Steffen Reiz, Fabian Stehle and Holger Teske and secured its funding goals on German crowdfunding platform Seedmatch in what was then a record time (it’s not clear whether that time has been beaten in the meantime). Seedmatch reports that Smarchive is the second of its ventures that secured VC funding. The company has 20 employees today.

Steffen Reitz, cofounder and CEO: “Our goal is to create new and innovative approaches to manage all your paperwork.” Instead of just offering a cloud service, Smarchive uses semantic software to assist users and sort documents in the right order – and in the right folder. It also offers reminders for when bills are due, or deadlines to cancel contracts with suppliers like energy companies, cable, etc.

Watch Smarchive’s original pitch from last year (in German):

via Seedmatch
Company website: Smarchive

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