Europe has the highest number of coworking spaces in the world [graph]

Coworking spaces are sizzling hot: in the last year, the number of coworking spaces in the world outright doubled, from 1320 in February 2012 to 2421 in February 2013, according to research by deskwanted. Europe is the world leader in coworking spaces, with more than 1000 coworking spaces. London is the capital of coworking spaces, with 81 coworking spaces, followed by New York (71), Berlin (68), Tokio (63), San Franciso and Madrid (both 46). 

According to Deskwanted, which compiled the numbers, the numbers show that coworking is becoming a global movement. “From South Africa to Australia, every year the number of coworking spaces doubles.” The move toward coworking signals a change in labor relations, says Joel Dullroy of Deskwanted: “More and more people are working as a freelancer or micro-entrepreneur. What we’re seeing in the coworking spaces is the flexible economy of tomorrow.”

Here’s the graph:

We recently wrote about the huge coworking spaces cofunded by Google in Paris and Berlin – the guys from Silicon Sentier recently posted an update of how their 1500 m2 coworking space will look, by the way:

Tell us: have you worked in a coworking space? Why is it so popular now? Is it a fad, or is it indeed the future of work? 

[Deskwanted][Photo: JodiMichelle, Flickr]

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