“Entrepreneurship in Spain is stronger than ever – it’s in our DNA!”

An article here last week was titled ‘Why Spain has an entrepreneurship problem (and why there’s hope)”. It’s been one of the most discussed articles on Whiteboard, mostly on LinkedIn.

One of the reactions there came from business advisor Javier Macias, an alumnus of ESADE business school, which was also mentioned in the earlier article. Here’s his reaction:

“The topic surprised me. It makes the assumption that we have an entrepreneurship problem in Spain. As I see it, everything could be a problem or a challenge. It depends on how you look at it.

I am an Alumni from ESADE Business School and participate in some projects with IESE and EAE Business Schools. All of these Business Schools organize seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs, almost every 2 weeks. They offer specific seminars for entrepreneurs, sales, marketing on line, meetings with business angels, business plans contest… and so on.

Even more, Barcelona has an entire building for entrepreneurs, it is called Barcelona Activa, where you can take courses to start your own business and they asign you a Coach to help you with your Business Plan, access to meeting rooms, and other facilities. All for free. Moreover, they frequently organize network events with business angels, and business plan contest sometimes in collaboration with Business Schools.

Maybe Public Universities are more engaged in their own stuff, but in my opinion all Business Schools in Spain are doing a great job in favor of our entrepreneurial spirit.

I think our enemy was the welfare society that hypnotised people for so many years. Only few were brave enough to start their own business during our economic boom, when our main business was the construction business. No R&D investments. No internationalization…

The golden age for our entrepreneurs was during our post-civil war period, around 1950 and 1960. And there was a good reason for it: poverty. There was a real need to work hard: full time workers, with two jobs during the day while trying to grow their own business in the evenings. Families all working together against their own poverty.

Today, after the crash and during this crisis, the access to credit is almost impossible while the Goverment provides you some income if your unemployment retribution is over…

I would say that our politicians are doing what they think it is the best, but they only look after themselves, they only look for their 4 years of governance, they do not look for long-term solutions, and we are paying the consequences now.

Our main problem are the politicians that did not encourage our entrepreneurial spirit decades ago. However, most of us are entrepreneurs’ offsprings… the entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA, we just need to let others see our people and our country as a place full of new opportunities and challenges for international talent. Despite all the politicians mistakes, entrepreneurs in Spain are stronger than ever!”

[photo: Barcelona, Moyan Brenn, Flickr]

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