Dyson tap with a built in hand dryer: the Airblade Tap will blow you away

James Dyson is at it again. His newest product, the Airblade Tap, is a tap with a hand dryer built in. Not just any hand dryer, but one that will blow you away – forcing air out at almost 700 kilometers per hour. Guaranteed to blow you dry, says Dyson, and the end of wet public toilet floors or messy bins overflowing with paper towels.

The Airblade Tap looks like a tap with wings. Those wings push out air at high speeds, which is made possible by a newly developed digital motor which can reach 90 000 rpm in 0.7 seconds.  The motor alone took seven years to develop and € 30 million in R&D. The tap cost more than € 45 million to develop, according to James Dyson, and is covered by 210 patents.

It’s clear that he hopes to sell a lot of them.

According to Dyson, the Airblade Tap can dry 15 people’s hands for the cost of a single paper towel. The tap will cost about € 1150.

via [ Telegraph][photo: Dyson]

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