Deezer comes to your smart tv (if it’s a Samsung, LG or Toshiba)

06 Feb, 2013

Deezer announced today that it partnered up with Samsung, Toshiba and LG to bring a Deezer app to the “smart tv” models of the three TV brands. According to Deezer, this will make Deezer the “new dominant digital music service provider via Smart TV’s”.

Deezer subscribers will have instant access to all their playlists, tracks and Deezer recommendations via their smart TV. For those without a subscription, you can listen to Deezer’s “discovery mode”, which offers unlimited access to Deezer’s artist-based and themed radio channels (and of course, you can listen to 30-second clips the 20 million or so Deezer clips, but who does that?).

Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said: “Deezer is already available directly via a number of hi-fis and in-car entertainment systems – and of course on most smartphones, tablets and PCs – but we believe that putting Deezer at the heart of the TV experience marks the next innovation for music. For many of us, the living room is the heart of the home, and we want Deezer to be a part of that.”

Deezer is trying to be the tortoise to Spotify’s hare, it sometimes seems. While Spotify had more traction initially and tried to attract customers by making a big PR splash in the US, Deezer is working hard at forging partnerships with telecoms, TV makers and car makers – all of which should provide them with a steady stream of new customers. It’s not growth hacking, but good old fashioned B2B wheeling, dealing and networking. It’s also recently stepping up its marketing efforts.

[Deezer][photo, Flickr, elwillo]

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