Aww, Kickstarter cuteness: a ‘Good Night Lamp’ to stay in touch with loved ones

A Kickstarter project by a few London designers: the ‘Good Night Lamp’ a family of lamps that keep you connected to your loved ones, wherever they are around the world.

It’s (slightly) more than just a gimmick: the designers would like the lamps to be come the physical versions of those green dots on Facebook or Skype that indicates that someone is available for a chat:

“Keeping in touch with people has gradually become more than being “always on, sometimes off”. We would like to think that people can share parts of their lives with their families & loved ones in more subtle ways with the flick of a switch. A physical social network.

These are a few of the use cases they came up with:

Home alone. Ever wanted to keep an eye on a loved one who lives alone? Give them a Big Lamp and watch your Little Lamp turn on as they come home or go to bed.

Global families. Live abroad and can’t seem to call your family at the right time? Let them switch a Big Lamp on when they’re around and can be called and vice versa.

Global teams. Have a team working around the world and want to see if they’re around for that conference call? Turn your Big Lamp on when you’re ready. Collect your colleagues Little Lamps and watch everyone join the call.

Connecting worlds. Want to connect home and work, turn the Big Lamp off when you leave work so your family knows you’re on your way.

Every set comes with one big lamp (representing you) and a small lamp, representing anyone you like. You can buy additional little lamps as needed.

From the pictures, it looks like the project designers would like you to collect a whole range of lamps to put them in your living room – each one representing a friend or a family member. To differentiate them, they’ll even bring “coats” to the market (see photo gallery).

Here’s the video explaining the project:

spotted by @mdevrieze

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