Consumer trends: mobile video good for 50% of mobile traffic

A report by Citrix ByteMobile found that video accounts for 49% of mobile web traffic, although the performance of mobile video is still very uneven, the report adds. The report said that on average, mobile video performance drops by 30% during peak hours of service. Peak demands for mobile video are at 13h, 22h and 23h, although if you look at the graphs, the demand is pretty much stable during the entire peak hour period.

As mobile video grows, telecoms attempt to monetise

Mobile Europe thinks the share of mobile video in mobile traffic is likely to grow – by a lot, and refers to statistics of Vodafone Germany. In September, Vodafone CEO Jens Schulte Bockum said that mobile video now accounts for no less than 85 percent of the mobile traffic on Voda Germany LTE:

“[Voice, text, other messaging and data], everything that makes money for us uses less than 15%. The bit that doesn’t make money uses 85% of the capacity. Clearly we are thinking about how we can monetise that.”

Of course, the telecoms make money transporting all that video, but like all telecoms and cable operators, that’s not enough to satisfy the appetite for more margin.

As we wrote elsewhere, the telecoms are not the only players looking at mobile as the next possible cash cow, including web giants like Facebook, Google/YouTube and a LOT of gaming companies and content companies. I would be interested to hear how the telecoms think they can extract more money from online video. If you know, please let us know.

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