[chart] Online advertising growth is stalling in France

According to research, the online advertising growth is showing signs of stalling in France. French online advertising grew barely 5 % last year, against 11% in 2011 and 9 % in 2010.

France is doing visibly worse than the UK (+ 14%), the US (+ 17%) and Germany (+15 %).

Total online ad spending came in at 2,7 billion euros.   The macroeconomic context is difficult, and two of the industries that are among the biggest online spenders are in difficulties: automotive and telecom. For 2013, the SRI again expects a growth of only 5 %.

Google is still growing faster than the industry average (+ 7%), and eats almost half (1,1 billion) of the total online advertising cake. Here’s the breakdown:

A sector that is growing rapidly is video advertising. This sector is expected to grow further, driven by technological novelties like video tagging.

For the moment online video advertising is confined to adding a short ad before viewers can watch a clip. In the future, advertising will probably become more embedded in the actual content.

Recently, Whiteboard wrote about Zentrick, a Belgian startup that is working on a solution to make it possible for advertisers to “drag and drop” tags to online video. And there’s also Finnish startup Kiosked, which developed an automatic tagging tool for online video.

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