[chart] Deezer and Spotify double in size in 2012, paid downloads stall

07 Jan, 2013

Last week, we wrote that Spotify had apparently stopped offering music downloads.

This chart make it clear why: music downloads (whether on Amazon or iTunes) have reached a plateau. Consumers don’t care about owning music anymore, preferring streaming instead: streaming services like Spotify and Deezer doubled in size.

It seems that Deezer is growing faster (100 % growth in subscribers) than Spotify (86 % percent growth).


streaming downloading 2012

Here’s the breakdown by numbers:

A. Paid Downloads: 1.336 billion. Up 5%.iTunes, Amazon, etc.

B. Spotify Subscribers: 5.2 million. Up 86%.

C. Spotify Active Users: 20 million. Up 100%.

D. Deezer Subscribers: 3 million. Up 114%E.

Sirius XM Radio Subscribers: 23.4 million. Up 6.9%.

F. Pandora Listening Hours per qtr: 3.56 billion. Up 67.9%.

Ownership versus use

Mary Meeker of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins recently wrote in her 2012 presentation on the internet that the internet is making us think differently about owning things.

She said the emphasis would increasingly lie on the use of interesting goods, instead of the ownership of stuff. It seems like she was spot on: people don’t care about owning huge libraries of music anymore. And why should you? If you can have practically every track available at your fingertips, why bother with all the hassle of syncing a library of tracks between all your devices?

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via Digital Music News – Growth of Paid Downloads vs. Streaming, 2012 vs. 2011….

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