A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

Accelerators are a booming business. The phenomenon is generally seen as a blessing for the growing number of start-ups. Who is behind these initiatives, what do accelerators do ex...


Monday madness: startups all over Europe are doing 'Harlem Shake' (storify)

[View the story "Startups in Europe doing \"Harlem Shake\"" on Storify]Startups in Europe doing "Harlem Shake"Storified by Raf Weverbergh· Mon, Feb 18 2013 04:59:33The Harlem Shake (Deezer Office Edition)deezerteamAt Mobilegeeks, the ENTIRE SITE is doing the Harlem Shake: Got more startups on shaky ground? Let us know! Mobile G... Read more

Zalando annual revenue doubles to € 1,15 billion

According to a press release, Germany's biggest e-commerce Zalando doubled its annual revenue from € 510 million to € 1,15 billion. It also broke even in its core markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it says. Impressive growth, as you can see in the graph. Zalando says it's the first European startup to reach € 1 billion in annual revenue within 4 years. While most of the revenue was made in the ... Read more

How to build a "grownup" startup

There’s a growing hype in mainstream media around startups, and most of it centers on big business-to-consumer stories.  It’s nearly impossible to read an article on startups without a mention of Airbnb, Pinterest, Instagram and the new kids like Uber or Rdio.  There are sites like VentureBeat that talk of little else. Enormous investments and incredible valuations make for good reading, and those startup... Read more

Ex-Rocket Internet execs start luxury erotic e-shop for women

Just in time for the Valentine's rush, former Rocket Internet executives Lea-Sophie Cramer and Sebastian Pollok launched Amorelie - a high end erotic e-commerce aimed at women. Amorelie offers 'female friendly' vibrators, sex toys, massage gels, and lingerie - "anything you need for your love life," it says. For its marketing, it's clear that it looked at the success of 'Fifty Shades of Grey': Amorelie publishes ... Read more

Let's all CHILLAX about the Berlin startup scene, says VC

Poor Berlin startup scene: there's so much pressure on it right now. VC's are saying that it has to deliver in 2013, or else. There are doubts about where media darlings like Amen are going. Might the entire Berlin scene - with its focus on lifestyle startups with a B2C orientation - be in danger now that the pendulum swings back to B2B? Why is there not more money flowing into Berlin? Why are Berlin startups not ... Read more