A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

Accelerators are a booming business. The phenomenon is generally seen as a blessing for the growing number of start-ups. Who is behind these initiatives, what do accelerators do ex...


Bikway: a 150 km, prefab bike lane network for cities in 6 months time

As I was watching the Nordic Startup Awards elevator pitches, I noticed a few things - one: that the elevator is not moving, two: that the contestants should practice their pitch more, but three: what a GREAT idea Bikway is. Bikway is a prefab bike lane that (according to Bikway) can be installed on top of existing road infrastructure in less time and at lower cost than traditional bicycle lanes. [UPDATE: read our i... Read more

2 entirely different reasons why your ideas are worthless

This is my shortest blog post, ever, and should actually be a tweet, but I really needed a blog-post that I can refer to every time I hear someone yell out “Hey, that was my idea!” and gives you a look as if the whole world has turned against the poor guy, and spies are lying in wait to steal his next bright idea. REASON 1: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR IDEA If you’re such a guy, let me tell you this: NOBODY CARES ... Read more

Crowdsourcing bizhacks: how to make your startup seem BIGGER?

Just saw this tweet in my timeline from the Arctic15 conference, and I think it's solid advice, especially given what Filip Tack wrote here earlier today about European companies and governments being quite shy about doing business with startups: One again, advice from Sweden: In the beginning make your startup look bigger than it is. #arctic15 #marketing… — Juhani Polkko (@juhani)... Read more

25 million € in funding for 61 startups? That's just not ENOUGH!

When I had a chance to read an upcoming Belgian Web Startups Barometer in avant premiere, I was hit by an encouraging vibe. I was absolutely, positively surprised that the editors had managed to identify 61 Belgian Web Startups, the bulk of which didn't even exist three years ago. This 'Gang of 61' collectively raised over 5 million €  in FFFF funding - founders, friends, fools and family a.k.a. "Love Money". T... Read more

So how fast must your startup grow? Y Combinator has a growth benchmark to determine that

It's been said that compounded interest is the single greatest force in the universe (finance people love it so much that they attribute the quote to Albert Einstein, although it's extremely unlikely that he ever said that). But the same principle applies to young companies, as this post by Nick Brisbourne shows. In a september essay, Paul Graham of Y Combinater said that Y Combinator is all about growth, because ... Read more