A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

Accelerators are a booming business. The phenomenon is generally seen as a blessing for the growing number of start-ups. Who is behind these initiatives, what do accelerators do ex...


Financial planning for SaaS Startups: Q&A with Christoph Janz

I quit my day job with my friend Igor I started a new company called, a solution that helps people connect cloud API's without programming. One of the major hurdles we faced when starting our company was how to do the financial planning for our SaaS startup. Since we thought this might be useful for other entrepreneurs, I wanted to share with you what we learned. Financial planning for Saas resources Th... Read more

Why are marketeers worldwide going NUTS over this interactive video startup?

Check out this incredible music video: it's possible to click on any interactive element - add stuff to your shopping cart, 'like' things on Facebook, etcetera. It looks impressively smooth, especially compared to the ugly boxes that YouTube plasters over its videos lately: The video was made by Zentrick, a startup that developed a solution to add any kind of interactive element to online video, on any platfor... Read more

Dear investors, now is the best time to invest in innovative media startups

We built a crowdfunding platform for photojournalism that raises 1,29 € per unique visitor. Since the launch of Emphasis in March 2011, 70 percent of our projects got fully funded, without having spent one euro on advertising, PR or marketing. That is far above average. Since  everybody understands pictures, our reach is truly global. Almost half of our unique visitors come from outside the US and Europe. Pub... Read more

How Yammer cracked the code on virality, distribution and scaling sales

David Sacks raised 85 million $ for Yammer before selling it to Microsoft for about 1,2 billion $. Yammer is currently used by 85 percent of the Fortune 500 (as self reported by Yammer). So let's agree that Sacks knows a thing or two about getting traction for your startup. At a recent event at Google Ventures, Sacks offered these snippets (well, chunks) of wisdom. 1. Distribution is everything According to Sack... Read more

Interview Bikway: "It's a smooth ride, and you won't slip on it"

It turns out that Whiteboard readers REALLY love Bikway (pronounced bike-way), the Copenhagen startup who wants to install prefab bike lanes in congested cities. To summarise, for those who didn’t read the original article that we wrote on them: Bikway is a prefab bike lane that (according to Bikway) can be bolted on top of existing road infrastructure in less time and at lower cost than traditional bicycle lane... Read more