A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

A newbie's guide to accelerators and incubators: are they right for you?

Accelerators are a booming business. The phenomenon is generally seen as a blessing for the growing number of start-ups. Who is behind these initiatives, what do accelerators do ex...


The German startup wars: now it's DDoS attacks AND black hat SEO attacks

The German startup scene is certainly an interesting place. Last week, Andre Alpar, an investor in cigar e-commerce Noblego claimed on the company's blog that it was the victim of DDoS attacks and black hat SEO attacks. Alpar says in the blog post (the blog is in German, I translated it): "We have been trying to set new standards for the cigar market from the beginning. A few of our new ideas on packaging were q... Read more

From Heinz to eco-coffins: innovating in the undertaking business

Remarkable story: Marieke Havermans (37) used to work as a packaging innovation manager for ketchup giant Heinz, but she recently launched a company to sell an affordable "eco-coffin". Priced at a modest € 500, it's slightly more expensive than the cheapest wooden coffin, she says. The company says on its website that the coffins are 'stylish, affordable and ecologically sustainable'. Havermans says that she got... Read more

Here's why confirmed bootstrappers AppGratis raised $ 13 million in Series A funding

Here's a great bootstrapping story. (I love bootstrappers!) AppGratis founder and CEO Simon Dawlat explains on his blog how he bootstraped  the company from zero to 7 million users and a million euros in revenue per month (Dec 2012) without a single euro in external funding. And he also explains why he and his partners decided to raise a solid $ 13 million in their first round of financing from Iris Capital and ... Read more

The German Pizza Wars are heating up again: Delivery Hero strikes back

Last week, Delivery Hero CEO Fabian Siegel (photo) announced in a blog that he would step down as a CEO. News of his resignation came a few weeks after the company was fined for copying menu information from a competitor in 2010. Now, in an interview that was published for internal use inside the company, new Delivery Hero CEO Niklas Östberg says that Delivery Hero competitors are involved in an online smear cam... Read more

Want funding? Share your Google Analytics, says VC. "You'll have an answer in a week"

Our colleagues at ArcticStartup recently did an event with some VC's working in the Nordics. The panelists were VC's like Aman Ghei of Accel partners (Invested in Rovio, Supercell, Facebook), Johan Brenner of Creandum (Spotify, iZettle), Vitaly Rubstein from Rubylight ( The discussion was hosted by Dmitri Sarle from Arctic Startup. One important lesson from the panel discussion is this one, I t... Read more