Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs:

Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs: "Can we be friends?"

It's quite a love fest in startup world. There was Neelie Kroes recently in Brussels calling them "rebels without a cause" and saying she had decidedly motherly feelings about entr...


Index Ventures: "We have a dozen companies gearing up for IPO"

It seems like there might be some exciting times ahead for the European startup scene. Robin Klein, partner at Index Ventures, said in an interview that between Index and TAG, they have "probably a dozen or more companies that are thinking of IPO in the next while.” (The Accelerator Group/TAG is an early-stage investment group founded by Klein). Most European venture capitalists in Europe agree that an attracti... Read more

Nokia hints at Windows Tablet, says it's picking a fight with Blackberry

Now that tablets are increasingly eating away at the PC market (fast on its way to becoming the 'post PC market'), Nokia is looking at a tablet - probably Windows based. In an interview with business reporters in Sydney, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said: "In the months and years ahead, you will see us broaden out the portfolio, which means pushing to lower and lower price points, in some cases smaller form factors and ... Read more

Renault fumbles the EV: no charging from your wall socket after all

When Renault announced its Zoé electric vehicle last September, it said consumers would be able to charge their car with a domestic plug for charging the batteries. Now it turns out you won't. Consumers will have to buy a 3 kW wallbox to go with their EV, for an estimated price of € 850 to € 1300. Renault won't explain why it doesn't offer domestic plug-in capability for the Zoé. Le Figaro thinks it has to d... Read more

Why Telefonica Digital is buying a medical care provider

Here's something that was entirely expected: Telefonica Digital just announced that it bought a controlling stake in Axismed, Brazil's largest chronic care management provider in Brazil. Axismed’s services are used to monitor more than 180.000 chronic patients across the country. Thanks to Telefonica's know how and reach, Axismed will be able to turn itself into a truly multiplatform player. It plans to extend i... Read more

Raspberry Pi: the $ 35 tinkerer's computer (1 M sold!) now at $ 25

The Raspberry Pi, the cheap, tinkerer man's computer is becoming even cheaper: the Model A Raspberry Pi will become available in Europe 'very soon', says the Raspberry Pi Foundation (the rest of the world will follow later). RS customers outside Europe (Allied in the US) can order a Model A now, but there will be a short delay in processing their order because we’re waiting on some paperwork before the Pis can be ... Read more