Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs:

Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs: "Can we be friends?"

It's quite a love fest in startup world. There was Neelie Kroes recently in Brussels calling them "rebels without a cause" and saying she had decidedly motherly feelings about entr...


From the Q3 results, it doesn't look like maps will save Nokia

In one of our recent posts, we asked if anyone knew the volume that maps represented for Nokia in terms of sales and profit, and whether Nokia could make a comeback based on its strength in maps. Well, the answer came today, when Nokia published its Q3 results: Nokia's maps business. Did someone seriously suggest buying Nokia for this? — Horace Dediu (@asymco) October 18, 2012 In detail, here... Read more

AT&T training video shows Nokia Lumia 920 with WP 8 in action

AT&T just released these training videos to prepare its staff for the release of the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8: a first look at how the system will look and feel. We also expect the Nokia Q3 results later today. via Nokia Lumia 920 Trainings-Videos von AT&T zeigen Windows Phone 8 in Aktion | Mobile Geeks.... Read more

Nokia's fall from grace: five years in the life of a mobile device maker [infographic]

How mighty giants tumble: the fall from grace of Nokia in one very revealing infograph by the people from Asymco. The lay out might be a bit confusing, but the numbers are quite clear: Unit shares dropped from 38 percent to 22 percent Revenue share dropped from 39 percent to 10 percent Profit shares dropped from 50 percent to 0 percent (Nokia reported a 1 bn € loss in Q2 2012). Nokia expert? Consid... Read more

The 1 percent: fibre to the home is still for the happy few, says report

According to a new report, fibre to the home is still a very rare thing in Europe, good for about 1 percent (!) of the internet connections in the most advanced economies in Europe. One percent is the treshold chosen  by the Fibre to the Home Council Europe to be included in its list of countries who are ahead of the pack regarding fibre to the home. Two new countries recently made it to the list of economies wit... Read more

Hack Day Paris wants to build the "Connected TV"

France Télévisions and Joshfire are calling all geeks to gather in the old Paris  Stock Exchange building this weekend to think about the future of television. While our phones have seen tremendous evolution over the last years, TV has been much slower to change. Hack Day will attempt to change all that in one 40-hour hackathon. As you would have imagined, this 40-hour marathon is centered around the universe of ... Read more