Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs:

Angela Merkel to startups and entrepreneurs: "Can we be friends?"

It's quite a love fest in startup world. There was Neelie Kroes recently in Brussels calling them "rebels without a cause" and saying she had decidedly motherly feelings about entr...


This IS your grandmama's phone: Bazile Telecom raises € 2,5 million

With all the moaning about the busy telecom landscape in Europe, you would think there's no more room for new players, but it turns out there is. Niche player Bazile Telecom just raised € 2,5 million from Citizen Capital and existing investors. It's the third round of financing for Bazile, after an initial investment by business angels and a 3,7 Series A round in 2010 with Alto Invest and Maxicap. Bazile was fou... Read more

Karl Lagerfeld opens a brick & mortar "digital store" in Paris

While e-commerces are trying to become more like real stores (at least when it comes to being able to pick clothes that really fit), Karl Lagerfeld is going the opposite way: for his 'Karl Lagerfeld' brand, he's creating a brick and mortar "digital store" in Paris with the help of digital agency Emakina. "The Karl Lagerfeld brand was always a digital brand, launched in January 2012 via Net A Porter," CEO Pier Pao... Read more

"The worst thing you can do to the Samwer brothers? Force them to grow a company"

In an interview with Manager Magazin, GetYourGuide CEO and co-founder Johannes Reck talks about the Samwer's business model, and he doesn't mince words: "The only German founders who get any press are the Samwers - and even that is now over." Reck says that the "company flipping" that Rocket Internet specialised in, is no longer a viable model: "The model of fast copying and selling worked for a while. But the com... Read more

Only 6 European companies are "disruptive" (says MIT's Technology Review)

MIT's Technology Review just published a list of "50 disruptive companies", dominated by US companies like Microsoft, Amazon, but also "startups" like Pinterest, Path, Nest, SpaceX and Facebook. Only 6 European companies were deemed worthy of a place on the list, mainly industrial and pharmaceutical powerhouses, like Siemens, Audi, ABB and Novartis. I think it means that disruptive European companies should work h... Read more

The first real cyborg? Prosthetic arm obeys thought signals

A team led by dr. Rickard Branemark of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Goteborg (Sweden) is the first to have attached a prosthetic arm directly to the nerves and muscles of the amputee patient with electrodes. This means that the patient can control the movement of the prosthetic limb with his thoughts, and potentially even allowing the patient to feel again - bringing us one step closer to a real man/machine... Read more