The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

'Four steps to the Epiphany' is a treasure chest for the budding startup entrepreneur. Created by Steve Blank, it has acquired the star status in business strategy, and it has rele...


"Legal hurdles hold crowdfunding in France back"

In April, French minister for SME's Fleur Pellerin (photo) will receive proposals to make crowdfunding in France more attractive, as part of the 'Assises de l'entrepreneuriat' - a broad programme of interpellations among entrepreneurs and stakeholders about how to spur entrepreneurship in France. For crowdfunding, new rules are urgently necessary, say a few crowdfunding platforms, because the rules today are in no... Read more

Wooga: "We were profitable in 2012, no plans for IPO"

At a press briefing, Wooga founder and CEO Jens Begemann said that Wooga was profitable in 2012, although he declined to say say exactly how profitable. He also said that the company is growing fast - now with 280 employees (all of them in Berlin). Begemann made his remarks about profitability not to restore investors' faith in the gaming industry after Zynga's disastrous IPO, but rather to alleviate concerns of po... Read more

How to build a travel industry giant in 3 years: 8 lessons from GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide recently signed for 'the biggest Series A round in Europe': a very sizable $ 14 million. In barely 3 years time, the online platform for booking guided tours became a bona fide travel industry giant, doing more than $ 10 million in revenue in 2012 and offering 18100 things to do at 1780 destinations worldwide. This week, it launched a French, Spanish and Italian site.  GetYourGuide followed a traject... Read more

From exhaust systems to Y Combinator: meet Slovenia's startup scene

The Slovenian startup scene is alive and kicking, and the kicking is becoming stronger fast. In the past few years, a new set of successful Slovenian companies managed to build exceptional products and enter the global markets, like Zemanta, Celtra, Vox.io (ED. UPDATE: read about Tomaz Stolfa's resignation as vox.io CEO), DoubleRecall and Toshl. These young startups are a big inspiration to a lot of people her... Read more

How to build a "grownup" startup

There’s a growing hype in mainstream media around startups, and most of it centers on big business-to-consumer stories.  It’s nearly impossible to read an article on startups without a mention of Airbnb, Pinterest, Instagram and the new kids like Uber or Rdio.  There are sites like VentureBeat that talk of little else. Enormous investments and incredible valuations make for good reading, and those startup... Read more