The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

'Four steps to the Epiphany' is a treasure chest for the budding startup entrepreneur. Created by Steve Blank, it has acquired the star status in business strategy, and it has rele...


How Rimac is building electrical 1 million $ supercars in Croatia, bootstrapped

Building electrical, 1 million $ supercars in Croatia is impossible. Can't be done, in a country with no car industry to speak of. That's what the department of Engineering at the University of Zagreb told Mate Rimac, at least. It didn't stop Mate from trying. And when financing from the Abu Dhabi royal family fell through, he decided to bootstrap it, for good measure. Buckle up for a story about fast and furious ent... Read more

How to bootstrap from zero to 50 million $: SteelSeries founder Jacob Wolff-Petersen

When visiting Morten Lunds blog recently, we came across a picture of a guy carrying a bunch keyboards, with the caption: “Here is a picture of a real entreprenuerial hero. Sales Is The Best Funding Yesterday I tried to tell a crowd of very hungry entrepreneurs that they should go and sell stuff – and not hunt Venture Capital.. Jacob Wolff-Petersen – one of my best friends – he used 10years to build SteelS... Read more

Paging James Cameron: this startup is building submarines that can go as deep as you like!

While I was interviewing Adeo Ressi of the Founder Institute, he casually mentioned that he just came back from Croatia, where he had met with the founder of a submarine startup. Naturally, I had to find out more: the startup is called the Marine Tech Factory, and it’s in the process of patenting a few very innovative approaches to deep ocean exploration. The company was founded by Marin Bek - a polite 26 year o... Read more

This is what ZappoTV will try to do: from 700 000 free users to 550 million paying connected tv's

The connected tv is the puzzle that bright minds at media groups are trying to crack by throwing cash at it. There is something to be done with the fact that smartphones and tablets lie next to us on the sofa (wifi connected) while we’re watching our tv (wifi connected). There is money to be made. But how? With recommendation engines? Second screen apps? Everyone is searching, but everyone might just be too late... Read more

The 10 richest tech entrepreneurs in Europe

A list of the 10 richest tech entrepreneurs in Europe, because we know you just love lists, and we do too. Germany is very well represented, and SAP is almost like a country by itself. 1. Hasso Plattner, SAP: 7.3 billion $ [caption id="attachment_1761" align="alignleft" width="150"] Hasso Plattner[/caption] Hasso Plattner is a cofounder of software giant SAP AG. He was also chairman of the board until 2003 and i... Read more