The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

'Four steps to the Epiphany' is a treasure chest for the budding startup entrepreneur. Created by Steve Blank, it has acquired the star status in business strategy, and it has rele...


Breaking: French publishers extract € 60 million from Google

So the deal was made between the French publishers and Google. The French publishers managed to extract € 60 million from Google. Here's the victory tweet from the Elysée - which is the official Twitter account of French President François Hollande. The tweet says "we're proud to announce this deal, which is a first in the world". That's not entirely true, by the way. There's already a similar deal between... Read more

So how is Amen doing these days? Founder Felix Peterson explains.

Amen burst upon the European startup scene like a supernova - "the ultimate hype-cocktail", as one headline put it. While still in stealth mode, it managed to secure $ 2 million from celebrity investor Ashton Kutcher (aka 'the new Steve Jobs), Madonna's manager and Index Ventures, as well as Dave Morin of Path. Like Gidsy, Soundcloud and Researchgate, it's one of the names that pop up when the subject of Berlin a... Read more

Ads from next door's pizzeria on TV, targeted at YOU? It's here.

BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster, will start offering targeted TV advertising in the UK. The system, called 'AdSmart', will allow advertisers to target specific segments of the audience based on which television shows they like to watch, where they live ("right down to individual houses on particular streets", says the FT) and the type of family they live in. For now, the service is limited to "time-shifted" vi... Read more

What Twitter can teach you about growth hacking

Growth hacking is the buzz job description of today, or should we say it's the ninja/maven/whatever of today? Here's what Josh Elman has to say about it. Elman was product lead for "growth and relevance" (great job description, by the way) at Twitter, who helped Twitter grow its active userbase by 10x. So about growth hacking: 1. What is growth hacking? It's not a great name, says Elman, but here's how he... Read more

4 ways the internet of things will radically change your life

For consumers, the much hyped internet of things is hardly visible yet. It's also hard to imagine how this new layer of infrastructure would look, feel and behave, and how we will interact with it. In other words: how will it be different from the fridge that sends e-mail when you run out of milk (who reads e-mail anyway?), that seems to pop up somewhere every year, much to the indifference of the public? Very ... Read more