The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

'Four steps to the Epiphany' is a treasure chest for the budding startup entrepreneur. Created by Steve Blank, it has acquired the star status in business strategy, and it has rele...


Slow growth: how should your business deal with the tough years ahead? [research]

Here's a graph from a recent Accenture report that clearly shows that the economy is not out of the woods by a long shot, and that economic growth will likely stay slow for the next years. The first graph shows the dismal outlook for the mature economies, something everybody already knew or expected. The second graph shows how hard the crisis hit (American) consumers psychologically and financially: American consu... Read more

Trendsboard raises € 500k to bring realtime trending to journalists

French startup Trendsboard just raised € 500 000 from Belgian business angels for its realtime social analytics tool aimed at content marketers and media. The problem Trendsboard tackles is this: there's more an more content produced, at ever faster speeds. For journalists and editors who want to stay ahead of the conversation, it's important to know not what is trending right now, but what will become hot in an... Read more

Why Telefonica Digital is buying a medical care provider

Here's something that was entirely expected: Telefonica Digital just announced that it bought a controlling stake in Axismed, Brazil's largest chronic care management provider in Brazil. Axismed’s services are used to monitor more than 180.000 chronic patients across the country. Thanks to Telefonica's know how and reach, Axismed will be able to turn itself into a truly multiplatform player. It plans to extend i... Read more

No 'Soundcloud' effect: for all the hype "not much money is flowing into Berlin"

This year is crunch time for Berlin as a startup hub, according to many watchers. After all the hype, it’s time for Berlin to start packing a real punch. Who will be the next big successes after Soundcloud? Nicolas Gabrysh, M&A lawyer at Osborne Clarke (Berlin & Cologne) and Andreas Thümmler, founder of CFP, “leader in internet M&A” see these trends: 1. For all the hype, there’s not much money f... Read more

Berlin, the promised startup land?

After having read more and more stories about Berlin and its bristling startup scene it was time to have a look in this self-proclaimed startup capital of Europe. In this post I’ll share a good set of insights and experiences from the one-and-a-half weeks that I spent there. Startup scene in Berlin Given Berlin is c. 4-5x larger than Amsterdam (depending on how strict you apply city limits) one would expect to se... Read more