The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

The hidden startup sales strategy in Steve Blanks 'Four Steps to the Epiphany'

'Four steps to the Epiphany' is a treasure chest for the budding startup entrepreneur. Created by Steve Blank, it has acquired the star status in business strategy, and it has rele...


Mind the gap – London, Europe’s biggest start-up scene

With over 2,000 start-ups, 30 accelerators and 48,000 people employed in the digital economy, Silicon Roundabout in East London is the beating heart of the UK start-up scene, and Europe’s number one start-up hotspot, at least for the time being. This is, in part, thanks to David Cameron’s government. Silicon Roundabout has grown organically, but since 2011 it has been actively promoted by the Cameron governmen... Read more

9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the original curator of the web

Pearltrees is a French startup that wants to change the way we organise the web. Describing how it works would lead you to believe that it’s another social bookmarking site, which would do them injustice. Most of the social bookmarks are organized either alphabetically or chronologically, which doesn’t do much good when you try to retrieve stuff later. Also, due to how most social bookmarking sites were design... Read more

Unconvention: the only startup event where entrepreneurs get unfiltered access to European policy makers

Last Friday, Unconvention 2013 ended with a photo of all the attendees on the majestic marble staircase of the Egmont palace. The palace is owned and operated by the Belgian ministry of Foreign Affairs, and usually welcomes heads of state. Last week, it was overrun with young European entrepreneurs, as the scene for a two day conference on innovation and policy in Europe. By the way, the quality of speakers and at... Read more

The Tel Aviv startup scene (2): a Q&A with Hillel Fuld

Hillel Fuld must be the heaviest Twitter user in Israel (currently at 120 000 tweets and counting). He's also a guest blogger about the Israeli startup scene for the Huffington Post, GigaOm and SAI, so it's safe to say that he's the go to guy to ask what's happening in the Tel Aviv startup scene. It's also quite a nice collection of references, I say to him, when I meet him at the Inneractive offices just outside ... Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly time to raise money for your startup

Startups spend an incredible amount of time and nervous energy on fund-raising, getting ready for it, or worrying about it.  No wonder – most of the news one reads about startups both here and abroad is about raising money, not about startups that quietly and effectively bootstrapped themselves to Truth is, this time and energy can be better invested into finding and serving customers.  Jeroen Meens, founder o... Read more